Parque Chapultepec

img_3977Viernes, vamos a la Parque Chapultepec. El Parque Chapultepec es un zoológico. Tiene muchos animales y plantas. Los animales son aves y reptiles.  Nosotros tuvimos la oportunidad de cargar una serpiente.

Los estudiantes estaban aburridos en el parque. No hay muchos animales en el parque. El


Harris Falcon

parque es grande. Me gustó pero es diferente al zoológico de Colorado Springs. Mi grupo  ganó una competencia de encontrar en el parque muchas cosas en nombres de animales. La profesora compró helado para nostros.

Friday, we went to the Chapultepec park. Chapultepec park is a zoo. There were many animals and plants. The animals were mostly birds and reptiles. We got to hold a albino python. Most the students were bored in the park. There was not much variety in the animals, but the park was big. I liked the park, but I would probably only go a few times. I liked the setup of the park. Winning the contest was good because I needed the icecream. The icecream was delicious.


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